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Your legacy is hilarious! :D And Innocent is too cute. Can't wait for more.


!!! You’re so kind! Thank you! 


The hardest part of making a Sims house is choosing the wallpaper

well since i installed the game on this computer i’ve made about 15 japanese-style lots and played actual families for about 3 seconds total

maybe i should… start a legacy or something


Let’s Play The Sims 2 (All EPs) - Ep. 5

So much Atilla, so little time… I promise I’ll actually post Sims stuff besides LPs some time soon. :P I’ll be moving into my new apartment tomorrow so I’ve been very busy!





Loading Screens from The Sims

i wanna playayayayay

ohmygosh i really don’t remember these but they are so cool.

i had the figure jumping down the hole to magic town as my background for months back in the day


Default Make-up [Base game and OFB]

Yay for crappy preview pictures! I made defaults for everything but face-paint (I use mooglesims’ defaults).

Download here ♥ [Separate df files for each make-up type] ♥

PS- Some of the blushes only show up for certain skintypes, there’s nothing wrong with the files.

Credits; lilith-sims, nilou, mouseyblue, nyren, veranka, reira, io, jessi, hugelunatic oh and kahlena for the unwilling blonde model ;D

Also I know the preview pic on the bottom left says “eyelinger” >_>

dahlia | freesia 

Dahlia is a starter home on a 1x1 lot, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, priced at just under $12000. 
Freesia is a family home on a 2x2 lot, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, priced at just over $24000. 

Both lots come with only basic bathroom and kitchen furniture and were built with all EPs and SPs, and include minimal CC - so please use the clean installer.


TS3Store Jazz Age & Roaring Heights (mostly) build objects converted for TS2.
(+ recolours)

This set includes many windows&doors, four fences, a few buy&architecture objects and a functional microphone. Most of them should be base game compatible, however:

  • The fences require at least one EP.
  • The three tiles wide windows (including the round ‘walls’) require Open for Business.
  • The garage door requires Nightlife.
  • The microphone requires Apartment Life.

The download also includes a collection file. As I created it in an all EPs, all SPs game, it will not work for everyone.

As usual, please message me if you encounter any issues regarding these files.



DOWNLOAD at MEDIAFIRE.COM (or BOX.COM, although it is out of bandwidth as of July)

mannn i have tried a zillion times and i have never, not even once managed to make lot adjuster work 

i really don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. :T